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Our Classes

Some of the classes have been setting up their own blogs.

Try the links below, we’ll keep adding more classes as the blogs get created. Please note, you can only see this blog if you are logged in to Glow (all the pupils in school are).

2017-18 Year Group

P7P Mrs Paterson’s class

P7B Miss Bruce’s class

P6C Mr Craig and Mrs Cooper’s class

P6M Miss Morgan and Mrs O’Neil’s class

P5J Miss Jamieson’s class

P4 Mrs Beaton’s class

P4/5 Mrs Rabbitte’s class

P3EM Mrs Emmerson and Mrs MacDonald’s class

P3S Miss Stout and Mrs Booth’s class

P2J Miss Jack’s class

P2G Mrs Gorshkov’s class

P1T Mrs Trahearn’s class

P1C Mrs Cowie and Mrs Booth’s class


Thanks to the Digital Leaders and Digital Assistants for helping the school with this.